Breskin Alexander Fedorovich.
Born in 1947 in the North Korea.
Arrived in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1955 Zhukov, 27, 02156 Kiev

Children's School of Art.
Kyiv Academy of Art (graduated in 1974)
Malishevskiy Private Art Studio. (for 7 years)

Member of Kyiv Association of Book Artists.
Member of Professional Association for Graphic Artists of Kyiv.
Contributed and participated in multiple art projects:

2015 - Exhibition at the Museum of History of Kyiv, in the honour of 1000th anniversary of Prince Vladimir;
2015 – Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts “Ukrposhta” produced envelopes with the image of "The Dignity Revolution" painting by A.Breskin;
2010 - Personal exhibition of painting and drawing at the Museum of History of Kyiv;
2009 – A set of postcards "My friend felt-tipped pen" with drawings by A.Breskin is published;
2007 - Personal retrospective exhibition in Kyiv Museum of Cultural Heritage, dedicated to Breskin's 60th birthday and 35th artistic activity anniversaries. Painting, drawing, design, textiles;
2004 – Took part in final exhibition at the Museum of International Biennial «Majdanek», Poland;
1998 - participation in the international competition of city emblem "Twin Cities", Kyoto, Japan;
1988 - First Prize in the Kyiv city art competition;
1986 - All-Union Competition prize "Soviet Peace Committee", Moscow;
1983 - Medal to the 1500th anniversary of Kyiv;
1982 - Participated in the final exhibition of the international poster competition "For Peace and  Humanism", Moscow;
1980 - Participated in the final exhibition of the international poster competition "The Olympic Games-80", Moscow.

Works by Alexander Breskin are presented in the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the National Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art, the Museum of History of Kyiv, the Kyiv Museum of Cultural Heritage, the "Getman's capital" museum of Baturyn State Historical and Cultural Park.